affordable website

It's time to start your website

You need an affordable, functional and SEO-friendly website? Together with you, we could work out the scope and direction of your new website. It would be responsive, with the right theme, using trendy colour scheme and a professional fonts combination. All these by our experienced web designer.

It is not difficult or costly. We would just need to carry out the below 6 steps together.  We include the costs estimate for your reference too.

Get a domain name

Domain name is the URL or website address. Domain name typically costs between SGD 10.00 and SGD 45.00 a year, and it could be bought online. If you yet to have one, we could help you to choose this, so that it is easy to remember and fit your purpose.

Hosting Server

You need a hosting server to put those website resources so others can access them. In addition, hosting server also provides the regular website back-ups, and the required data security. All these at between SGD 60.00 and SGD 120.00 a year.

website planning

We would work with you on this, which is basically to lay out the foundation of your website. We could suggest the suitable purpose of your website, and discuss the key performance indicators (KPI). From this stage till completion, you would need to spend between SGD 500.00 and SGD 1500.00.

designing and building

With the purpose and KPI of your website decided, we would start work out its design and architecture. This would also include the suitable theme, the colour scheme, the fonts combination and the various online forms to be included. You would be briefed and consulted along the way.

make your website public

This is where the pages we created would be opened to the public to see. But before that, we would carry out user acceptance test with you, to see that all links, forms and pages are working, loading speed is acceptable, and the website is visible to search engines.

Optimise for Search Engines

In addition to the earlier on-page SEO, we would work out the off-page SEO, so as to increase your website visibility and ranking in Google or the other search engines. Both the on-page and off-page SEO need to be adjusted and monitored for few months.

We're Ready To Build Your Websites. Satisfaction Guranteed.