when to start the redesign process?

A website redesign always implies a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or hire a freelancer or agency to do it for you. A redesign not only involves time but also an allocated budget. The best part, though, is the excitement of having a brand-new online presence at the end of the process that you will be proud to show everyone.

8 Signs That Show You Need A New Website Now

Is not mobile responsive

It hurts your online presence and the mobile user experience

You have old content

If last blog post or news update is a few years old, they might think your company no longer exists

You use Flash

Flash is not compatible with mobile devices either, so this is something that should be fixed immediately

You Didn’t Get the Business Results

It is time to consider a redesign that can contribute to your business goals

Long loading time

Your visitors may leave due to lack of patience

It looks outdated

If your competitor’s site has a leg up on design, you should update your own website

Your Social Media Shares Don’t Look Good

The links need to look good if you share your site on social media

Your Products or Services Have Changed

Your site no longer represent your company business activities

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